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HC41X Silencer Check Valve

HC41X Silencer Check Valve

Small size, light weight, small fluid resistance, small structural length, fatigue resistance and long service life.

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HC41X silencer check valve structure characteristics

HC41X silencer check valve flange connection and the connection of the two clamps, with small size, light weight, small fluid resistance, the structure of small length, fatigue resistance, long life and so on. Can be installed in the water supply and drainage, fire fighting, HVAC system can be installed at the pump outlet, to prevent the backwater backflow, which caused damage to the pump. HC41X muffler check valve for the import and export of water supply and drainage pipe valve flap at both ends of the central axis-oriented, opening and closing flexible, accurate positioning, horizontal or vertical installation, the valve spring loaded, the rapid closure can effectively reduce Water hammer pressure. Sealing surface with O-ring elastic seal and the combination of metal seal seal structure, sealing performance, no noise when closed.

HC41X silencer check valve shell copper core advantages

HC41X muffler check valve steel shell copper core is suitable for, drainage pipes, valve inlet and outlet ends of the central axis-oriented, opening and closing flexible, horizontal or vertical installation. The valve is spring-loaded, its quick closing can effectively reduce the pressure of the water hammer, the sealing performance is good, and the noise is turned off. It has a small size, light weight, fluid resistance, fatigue resistance, long life and other advantages.

The purpose of this type of valve is to allow only the medium to flow in one direction and to prevent the flow in the direction. The muffler check valve is automatically operated, and the valve flap opens under the fluid pressure flowing in one direction. When the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the valve flap is acted upon by the fluid pressure and the self-weight of the valve flap to cut off the flow. Should not be used for containing solid particles and larger viscosity media. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the flow of the medium and the direction of the arrow of the valve body should be consistent. ]

HC41X muffler check valve in the design requirements

HC41X muffler check valve is designed to fully consider the requirements of the use of the environment, the use of inclined plate structure, to no vibration, no noise, smooth operation, to ensure that hotels, residential environment quiet and energy-saving effect. With the way to delay the closure of the local backflow of water to the system discharge, silencer check valve thus greatly reducing the pump back to the water pressure impulse, muffler check valve eliminates the destructive water hammer peak, good sealing performance , Shock absorption, long service life, easy maintenance and so on.

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