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Butterfly Valve High Temperature Resistance, Applicable Pressure Range Is Also Higher
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Butterfly valve (butterfly valve) is a closed piece (disc or butterfly plate) for a disc, revolving around the valve shaft to achieve a valve opened and closed, in the pipeline mainly cut off and throttling. Butterfly valve headstock is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, in the valve body around its own axis rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of headstock or adjustment. Butterfly valve fully open to the full clearance is usually less than 90 °, butterfly valve and the butterfly itself has no self-locking ability, in order to locate the butterfly plate, the valve stem to add worm gear reducer. The use of worm gear reducer, not only can make the butterfly board has self-locking ability, so that the butterfly plate stopped in any position, but also can improve the operation performance of the valve.

Industrial special Butterfly valve features high temperature, applicable pressure range is also higher, valve nominal size, valve body using carbon steel manufacturing, valve plate sealing ring using metal ring instead of rubber ring. The large-scale high temperature butterfly valve uses the steel plate to weld the manufacture, mainly uses in the high temperature medium smoke duct and the gas pipeline.

Butterfly valve not into simple structure, small size, light weight, the material consumption of the province, installation size small, and driving torque is small, easy to operate, rapid, and also has a good flow adjustment function and closure of sealing performance, is the fastest development in the past more than 10 years one of the valve varieties. Especially in the United States, Japan, France, Italy and other industrialized countries, butterfly valve is widely used. Its use of varieties and quantities continue to expand, and to high temperature, high pressure, large caliber, high tightness, long life, excellent regulation characteristics and a valve multi-function direction, its reliability and other performance indicators are up to a higher level, and has been partially replaced by globe Valves, gate valves and ball valves. With the progress of butterfly valve technology, in the foreseeable short time, especially in the medium and large size, medium and low pressure of the use of the field, butterfly valve will become the dominant valve form.

The original butterfly valve is a simple, tightly closed baffle valve, usually used as a flow control valve and damping valve in the plumbing system.

With the application of chemical-resistant synthetic rubber in butterfly valves, the performance of the butterfly valve is improved. Because of the corrosion resistance of synthetic rubber, anti-erosion, dimensional stability, resilience, easy to shape, low cost and other characteristics, and according to different requirements of the use of different performance of synthetic rubber to meet the operating conditions of the butterfly valve, it is widely used in the manufacture of butterfly valve lining and resilient valve seat.

Because Teflon (PTFE) has strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, not easy to aging, low friction coefficient, easy to shape, stable size, and can also be filled, add the appropriate material to improve its overall performance, to obtain better strength, friction system lower butterfly valve sealing material, overcome the partial limitations of synthetic rubber, As a result, the high polymer polymeric materials and their filler modified materials are widely used in butterfly valves, so that the performance of the butterfly valve is further improved, and the butterfly valve with more temperature, wider pressure range, sealing performance and longer service life is found.

In order to meet the high and low temperature, strong erosion, long life and other industrial applications, the use of metal seal butterfly valve has been greatly developed in recent more than 10 years. With high temperature resistance, low temperature, strong corrosion resistance, the application of strong erosion and high strength alloy material in butterfly valve makes the metal seal butterfly valve widely used in the industrial fields such as high-low temperature, strong erosion, long life and so on, and the large Mouth Meridian (9750mm), High pressure (2.2kn/cm2), Wide temperature range ( -102℃~606℃) of the butterfly valve, so that the butterfly valve technology to achieve a new level.

The design and manufacture of butterfly valve has reached a new level because of the application of CAD and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in the valve industry. Not only the overall innovation of the design and calculation of the valve, reducing the heavy repetitive routine design work of professional and technical personnel, so that technicians have more energy to improve product technical performance and new product research and development, shorten the cycle, improve labor productivity. Especially in the metal seal butterfly valve field, as a result of the application of CAD/CAM, there has been a three-dimensional sealing diagram which is made by Cam NC machining, which is the sealing surface of the valve in the headstock and weighed without any squeeze, abrasion, abrasion, thus the seal of the butterfly valve and the service life are increased to a quantity level.

Butterfly valve in full opening, with a small flow resistance, when opened between approximately 15o to 70o, and can be sensitive flow control, so in the area of large-scale regulation, butterfly valve application is very common, and will gradually become the dominant valve type.

As the butterfly valve plate movement with the wiping nature, so most of the butterfly valve can be used in the media with suspended solids particles, according to the strength of the seal can also be used for powder and granular media.