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Gate Valve Body Structure Classification
- Mar 28, 2017 -

1, the structure of the gate valve

The structure of the valve body is determined by the connection of the valve body and the pipe, the valve body and the valve cover. For the manufacturing method, there are several kinds of casting, forgingand tube plate welding.

Usually from the economic considerations, nominal through the valve is equal to or greater than 50mm casting, less than 50mm using forging. However, with the development of modern casting and forging technology, has gradually break through this restriction. Forged valve body has been to the direction of large diameter development, and casting body gradually to the small caliber development. Any kind of gate valve body can be forged, but also casting, should be based on user requirements and manufacturing facilities owned by the manufacturer may be.

2, the gate valve body flow channel

Gate valve body of the flow channel can be divided into full diameter and reduced diameter two. Flow path and the valve through the nominal, basically the same for the full diameter; flow through the valve nominal diameter through the small known as the reduced diameter. Shrinkage shape with uniform shrinkage and cost uniform reduction of two. The flow path is tapered, which is a non-uniform diameter, which is essentially the same diameter as the nominal diameter and then shrinks to a minimum at the valve seat.

The use of reduced diameter flow channel (whether it is tapered non-uniform shrinkage or uniform diameter reduction), the advantage of the same specifications of the valve, can reduce the size of the gate, opening and closing force and torque; drawback is increased flow resistance, pressure And energy consumption increases, so shrinkage should not be too big. For the conical diameter reduction, the ratio of the inner diameter of the seat to the nominal diameter is usually 0.8 to 0.95. Nominal diameter of less than 250mm diameter of the valve, the seat diameter is generally lower than the nominal diameter of a file; nominal diameter equal to or greater than 300mm diameter reduction valve, the seat diameter is generally lower than the nominal diameter of the second gear.